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If anyoneknows theirwayaroundSchnapps, it’shere.
Generally inAustria, and inTyrol, especially. AtGlaserhof
inGnadenwald, there isayoung ladywho is responsible
formaking sure thatonly thebestgetsbottled, and
there isevenmore todiscover…
he Glaserhof in Gnadenwald looks back on a long history. In
2004 this rare jewelwas remodeledwithcarefullychosenma-
terials. It is nowmuchmore than just amodernized farm in a
traditional farming setting. The Glaserhof has become a place where
nature, art, and enjoymentmeet; a completeworkof art consistingof
a stable, a Schnapps distillery and integrated artwork. Art in the form
of a stable, so to say. Glaserhof is also home to the original Tyrolean
breedsofGreyCattleand the increasingly rareBrownMountainSheep.
The Schnapps distillery hides an even greater treasure behind the
walls of the Gläserhof. Itmay surprise you as onewouldprobably not
expect to find traditional handcraft of this kind in this classic yetmo-
dern surrounding. Responsible for this is LisaMariaHolzman, daugh-
ter and thenext generationof theGlaserhof. Asa child shewould look
over her grandfather’s shoulder. Today, in her mid-twenties, she can
truly liveout her passion.
There are over 20 different varieties of fruit used to produce
Schnapps and only the best and ripest are selected: wood apple, wil-
liams pear, old pear, rowan berry, apricots, Grafensteiner apple, nut-
meg-grape raspberries, blackcurrants, plum, elderberry ... the fruit
always comes directly from where it tastes best. Traditionally made
Schnapps typically originates from the best products of each regi-
on. It is stored in the cellar underneath the Schnapps distillery in just
the right climate condition for several years in order for its flavor to
develop to its fullest. That‘s when it is filled by hand into handma-
de bottles, bedded in a nest of Gnadenwald alpinemountainhay in a
handmadewoodencrate, and ready tobe sold. Thisnobledropcanbe
tasted in the traditional Arolla Pine-wood living room that is located
directly next to the large distillation room (registration is recommen-
ded). In addition to this, Lisa-Maria provides you with her professio-
nal expertise tobetter define her Schnapps in sommelier terms, even
thoughgood tasteneedsno further explanation.
Tel.: 0664/1000590, office@glaserhof.at,www.glaserhof.at
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