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nnsbruck appeals to all those who seek a unique holiday experience.
Innsbruck stands for activity, excitement andadventure. Nowhereelsedo
natural alpine environment, urban vivacity andhistorical legacy combine
in such an exciting anddiverseway. It is aplace for historic sites like theGol-
den Roof landmark and the old City Tower as well as for modernmonumen-
tal structures suchas theprominent Bergisel ski jumpwith its PanoramaCafé
or the Kaufhaus Tyrol, which through sheer obstinacy was able to stage itself
within the decorative and venerable row of buildings alongside the St. Anne’s
Column. Innsbruck boasts the futuristic Hungerburg cable railway station, ac-
tingasa linkbetween thecitycentreand themountains. TheTyroleanPanora-
maglassmuseum is locatedabove the cityonanoverhang; it hasa restaurant
and currently a circular panorama painting as its main attraction. Innsbruck
also hosts the world‘s largest Swarovski shop, a glittering palace in the city‘s
old town. All of these projects are not only renowned amongst architectural
experts but also attract visitors from afar. Innsbruck‘swealthof contrast is re-
presentedby the Landhaus (Parliament) building, which serves as the provin-
ce‘s political control centre. It was built in the typical construction styleof the
30’s, but itsplazza today is coveredwithcool, whitegraniteandhas turned in-
toahotspot for thenewskater generation, therebygivingway toamodernera.
City, Sports&Culture
Innsbruck, the capital of the Alps, iswhere in1964 and1976 theWinter Olym-
pics were held, as were the Youth Olympic Games in 2012. This is where top
athletes have found their home of choice. This is where bikes are peddled up
mountainsafterworkorat lunchtime,wherehutsarehikedup toandwhereyou
cangodown the slopes, practically to the city centreon skis and snowboards in
thewintertime – one big adventure park directly in front of your door. Go from
backcountrydirectly into thehipbars, thesunnyCafé terraces, the traditional Ty-
rolean restaurantsor theelegant gourmet restaurants. Everything is there; ever-
ything is close by, appealing to people of all ages and all walks of life. Lifestyle,
the way only Innsbruck can interpret it. The frequently travelled airport serves
as gateway to theworld, symbolic for Innsbruck, easy to get around, stress-free
yet still highly efficient. As a result of the narrowmountain ranges and the (of-
ten very strong) wind, pilots require specialized training andqualified instructi-
on. The Seegrube is situated in the rugged Nordkettemountain range and has
themost difficult downhill track in Europe. The Zirbenweg trail that lies on the
opposite side of the valleywinds several kilometres around the local Patscher-
kofel mountain. All along theway alpine restaurants provide for a comfortable
rest. Cows, horses and sheepon green fields andmeadows line the trail. Indul-
ge in completenature, knowing that, in thebat of aneyelash, youwill find your-
self back in themiddleof apulsating city life, back to culture, art and shopping,
to an exhibit in the Taxispalais, a gig at the Treibhaus culture centre, a perfor-
mance at the Landestheater, live concerts, yodeling or star appearances at the
Explore the cityby footwithCityTours. Takea seat inoneof the cafés in the
pedestrian area, bask in the sun and inhale the ambienceof the city. From the
glassskybarand terraceson theeleventhor twelfth floorof thenewAdlersHo-
tel (the highest hotel in Innsbruck) enjoy an amazing 360 degree view, a nice
drink in yourhand, anddrawupaplan for thenext (outdoor) activity, hereabo-
ve the rooftops of the city. PS: Discover Innsbruck and its holiday villages with
the InnsbruckCard (startingat33Euros, valid for24hours).With the Innsbruck
All-InclusiveCard, Innsbruck isall yours! Infoatwww.innsbruck.info
Bar &Kitchen
Di - Sa
16 - 2Uhr
Küche 18 - 23.30Uhr
Adolf-Pichler-Platz 4
A-6020 Innsbruck
Tel. 0512-937372
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