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Schloss Tratzberg, Habsburgersaalmit Stammbaum //
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Maximilian I.
AEuropean leader. ||
Cityof Residency
Innsbruck, former city of residency and, since 1849, capital of Tyrol
was always an important bastion of the Habsburgs in the far west of
the Empire. Thanks to its convenient geographical location, it attrac-
tedmerchants and crownedheads on their way toRome or those re-
turning from Venice. In 1420 Herzog Friedrich IV relocated the royal
residency fromMerano to Innsbruck, whichpromoted Innsbruck from
a trading to a residence city. For 250 years Innsbruck was an import-
ant centreof theHabsburgEmpire, until in1665Kaiser Leopold I.ma-
de the decision to rule Tyrol from the centre of Vienna and to only
post Governorsor Stadtholders in Innsbruck.
The glory days of Innsbruckwere at the endof the lateMiddleAges, a
time inwhich Tyrol hadbecome a place of early capitalism: the silver
mining in Schwatz experienced its highpoint with12,000miners that
unearthed and brought forward vast quantities of silver. Jacob Fug-
ger d. Ä. established a successful commercial company in Tyrol and
rose in royal circles as a financial sponsor and friend of Maximilian I.
(1459–1519). The Emperor constantly required large sums ofmoney
fromFugger,most likely due to theVenetianwars and the timely pay-
ments of the mercenaries, which devoured vast sums of money. As
Portrait KaiserMaximilian I.
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